All TSAUTOP® Hydrographics equipment meet CE standard

  • Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine for dipping Appliance Cover Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine for dipping Appliance Cover
    Item NO.    TSHDTA4100       L*W*H    Machine Size     410 *  130  *  90 (cm)    13.45*  4.27 *  2.95(ft)     Dipping Area Size/Max Processing Size     310 *  110 *  70(cm)    10.17*  3.6*  2.3(ft)    Machine Material    Thickness =2.5mm+-0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel    Dipping Arm Material    4*8 2mm thickness aluminum alloy    Dipping Arm Size    H220*108(cm).holding frame 125*80(cm),Long bar 290cm    Dipping Arm Load-bearing    Electric 250kg/pneumatic 80kg    Dipping Arm Power    single /3 phases 220/380V 750w servo motor    Continuous Flow System    Power single /3 phases 220/380V 400w servo motor    Automatic Spray System    130*35.4pcs spray guns    Heating Elements    1Set, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 9000W    Water Recirculation System     220V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 750W    
  • Automatic Hydro Dipping Tank Hydro Dipping The Big Panel Automatic Hydro Dipping Tank Hydro Dipping The Big Panel
    Automatic hydro dipping tank is suitable for small business, can save labor cost, doing everything automatically. Automatic hydrographic tank has water cycle system, can remove the dirts in the water and use it to do hydro dipping again; with automatic hydrographic film leaving system; auto activator spraying system, can help someone who don't good at activator spraying; auto heat system, can heat the water temperature up to the temperature as you set. Anyway, one automatic hydro dipping tank = one small factory. If you want to open a small business.
  • Automatic Hydro graphics Washing Machine Automatic Hydro graphics Washing Machine
    Automatic Hydro graphics Washing MachineBest Automatic Hydro graphics Washing Machine SupplierThis product is safe to use. With all components being strictly manufactured, it prevents leakage current which would cause harm to users.
  • Best Automatic Wood Grain Hydro Dip Switch Panel Dipping Machine Supplier Best Automatic Wood Grain Hydro Dip Switch Panel Dipping Machine Supplier
     Tsautop Commerical Automatic Water Transfer Printing Machine is also named automatic flowing film machine, with automatically flow film part and automatically spraying activator part, and the film can lay on the water continuously, through the activator spraying and arrive at the end of the machine.You can put down the baffle on the transfer film to fenced up part of the hydrographic film, then dip the product one by one, no need to do other steps of water transfer printing, and customized baffle picking and downing function is also available if you need.


TSAUTOP is a professional one-stop solution of hydro dipping, provides kinds of hydrographic film and hydro dipping equipment - hydro dipping tank, hydro dipping rinse tank, hydro dipping printer, hydro dipping dry tunnel, spray gun etc.

Of course, customized hydro dipping services are available too, soTSAUTOP also pays attention to hydro dipping printer and blank film, we provide kinds of size of blank film and A3 size & 1.6m width printer for customized hydro dipping.

If you are a beginner of hydro dipping, welcome to visit our factory, and accept hydro dipping training in our hydro dipping laboratory, TSAUTOP will arrange a professional hydro dipping master as a dipping teacher, to help you come into the hydro dipping industry.

Come here!!! TSAUTOP has been committed to helping more and more water transfer enthusiasts to establish and boom your own business.


We can make your own hydrographic film with your design | We accept customized hydro dipping, dipping your products | We provide training service

  • Free Sample

    We provide free sample for you, whether customize pattern printing or hydro dip products.

  • Design team

    We can design the pattern for you accoding to your requirements, then print your pattern on the blank film, to make your own hydrographic film.

  • Quality Assurance

    In order to provide a high quality structure, we maintain an effective quality management system.

  • Volume production

    We have our own hydro dipping factory, with big quantity hydro dip film in stock, so we can provide a fast shipment for your order.

We believe the fundamentals in establishing a win-win partnership are design capabilities and customer service.
TSAUTOP® Hydrographics is a one-stop solutions manufacturer and supplier, specialized in the field of hydro dipping. We have 3 facilities covering hydro dipping equipment, hydro dipping service, hydrographics film and hydro dipping kits.
For product manufacturers and hydro dipping factories, TSAUTOP® Hydrographics can manufacture a normal size and customized size hydro dipping tank ( manual, semi and fully automatic type), hydrographic rinse tank, drying tunnel, spray booth as your required. All equipment meet CE standard. TSAUTOP® Hydrographics has sold more than 200 sets hydro dipping equipment to the USA and other countries, especially hydro dipping tanks. TSAUTOP® Hydrographics can design and supply a whole plant solution based on your workshop layout.
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Reliable quality to meet our customers.

  • Hangzhou chaotuo decorative film technology Co., Ltd - TSAUTOP 0.5/1m Width Cartoon Hydro Dipping for Hydrographics Design & Cartoon
    Multiple world-leading technologies are adopted to manufacture TSAUTOP 0.5/1m Width Cartoon Hydro Dipping for Hydrographics.With the features mentioned above, the product can be widely found in Transfer Paper & Film field(s).
  • Tsautop flower hydro dipping film for products
    TSAUTOP Flower Hydro dipping Film cover all kinds of popular flower hydro dipping Film Patterns, such as various color rose, gold flower, various shapes amoeba, embroidery, Peony, Purple Flower, Blue and white porcelain, spray, natural landscape, and so on. We have 500+ flower dipping patterns, there must be a hydro dip designs that will meet your unique concealment requirements. We are constantly developing new hydrographic designs to provide you with the most effective and in-demand designer hydrographic film in the industry.All patterns can be applied to water transfer printing, hydro dipping rims, hydro dipping wheels , hydro dipping helmet , hydro dipped motorcycle , hydro dipping car parts, hydro dipping dashboard, hunting and outdoor recreation, military/tactical/law enforcement, sports items, foot wear, cosmetics, bicycle, plastics, electronics, eye wear. ceramics, furniture. TSAUTOP can develop your Hydro Dip Designs, make custom hydrographic film.
  • Helmet hydro dipping by water drop hydrographic film
    Helmet hydro dipping by water drop hydrographic film.Water drop hydro dip film is sipped on the surface of helmet by water transfer printing process, from supply based paintin gon the helmet to dipping the helmet, we make a detailed video here, hope to help you know more about us.
  • Custom Cartoon Hydrographic Printing Film
    Custom Cartoon Hydrographic Printing Film.TSAUTOP provides customized printing service, you can send us your design, and then we can print your design by hydro dip printer, whether wood grain or skull or cartoon, we can print any design on the blank film as hydrographic film,
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