Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine for dipping Appliance Cover

Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine for dipping Appliance Cover

Item NO.    TSHDTA4100       L*W*H    

Machine Size     410 *  130  *  90 (cm)    

13.45*  4.27 *  2.95(ft)    

 Dipping Area Size/Max Processing Size     310 *  110 *  70(cm)    

10.17*  3.6*  2.3(ft)    

Machine Material    Thickness =2.5mm+-0.2mm 201#Stainless Steel    

Dipping Arm Material    4*8 2mm thickness aluminum alloy    

Dipping Arm Size    H220*108(cm).holding frame 125*80(cm),Long bar 290cm    

Dipping Arm Load-bearing    Electric 250kg/pneumatic 80kg    

Dipping Arm Power    single /3 phases 220/380V 750w servo motor    

Continuous Flow System    Power single /3 phases 220/380V 400w servo motor    

Automatic Spray System    130*35.4pcs spray guns    

Heating Elements    1Set, 208-240V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 9000W    

Water Recirculation System     220V, Single Phase, 50 HZ, 750W    

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The product has been regarded as a high-performance engineered material as it can be used under harsh operating conditions.

A HYDRO DIPPING MACHINE is a piece of machinery used to coat items. It consists of a dipping machine and an ascending tank. This hydro dipping machine is used for mass production, and its benefits include the absence of low-quality printed objects and the ability to dip cups at a high rate of speed.

TSAUTOP makes a variety of hydro dipping machines with varied production capacity. These models include those with automatic activation systems and wash stations. They are also upgradable with manufacturing arms and automatic spraying systems. TSAUTOP has produced hydrographic equipment for fourteen years and collaborated with numerous worldwide manufacturers.

When using a hydro dipping machine, the dipping tank must be of the correct size and shape. The tank's depth and width should be sufficient to submerge your thing. Ideal container depth would be sufficient to avoid overflow. Large plastic containers for storage, feed tubs, and buckets are all viable options. Plastic covering can also be used to prevent paint from dripping onto the container.

Depending on the desired pattern, hydro dipping machines require a base color as well. The water transfer procedure is very effective for surfaces with a hard exterior. This method is typically employed for outdoor things. Water transfer printing requires the application of a base coat and a topcoat. In order to utilize a hydro dipping machine, the item to be printed must be clean and devoid of any residue. In addition to a hydro dip machine, water-transfer film and an activator must also be purchased.

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